What You Need To Know About Workers’ Compensation Insurance As A Florida Business Owner

The city of Jacksonville, FL is a part of a broader state region that is business-friendly. Florida has many laws in place to protect business owners from the wiles of employees trying to take advantage of the workers’ compensation system. Here are a few things that you should know about the insurance plan before calling Connect America Insurance Agency for help. 

Workers’ compensation insurance is required if you have employees
You need to purchase workers’ compensation even if you are a home-based business with one assistant. The amount of coverage you must purchase grows with every new worker that you add. 

Your insurance company selects the doctor when incidents occur
An employee who claims an at-work injury must have the severity of his impairment assessed by a medical doctor. The good news is that your indemnity company chooses the physician, which effectively prevents a dishonest worker from receiving more recompense than needed. It is, after all, the doctor’s evaluation that determines the length that a person can claim workers’ compensation. A physician chosen by your insurance company will have your business’ better interest at heart. 

Florida law sets limits on the length of time employees can receive workers’ compensation
The compensation checks stop once the doctor that your insurance company has chosen clears the employee to return to work duties. The good part about workers’ comp in Jacksonville, FL and other parts of the state is that a physician can deem an employee suitable to return to the company and not necessarily the job they were doing when they were injured. You can assign a recovering employee a different task that does not threaten his welfare or quality of work and still be in compliance with state laws.

Workers’ compensation may be required in Florida, but you don’t have to pay through the nose for the assurance plan. Call Connect America Insurance Agency today to see how we can help your company!