Why Contracting Companies Need Workers Comp Insurance

In the state of Florida, all employers who are contracting companies are required by law to have workers Compensation or workers comp insurance. There are several other industries that require workers comp insurance as well.

Why Is Workers Comp Insurance Required?

Employers who own and manage contracting companies in the state of Florida need to have workers comp insurance when they have four or more employees. It doesn’t matter whether these employees are part time or full time. Workers comp insurance is always required.

The reason that workers comp. insurance is with required is to protect employees from possibly getting injured on the job. Construction and contacting can be extremely dangerous as can other industries that require workers comp insurance. If an employee of yours is injured on the job, they may not be able to continue working, which will naturally result in lost wages and possibly the inability to seek further employment in the future. Workers comp insurance takes care of medical bills and lost wages until they have recovered from their injuries.

Workers comp insurance also protects you as the employer. When you have workers comp insurance in place for your contracting or construction employees, they won’t be able to sue you if they’re injured under your employment.

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