Why Minimum Coverage Isn’t the Best Decision for Car Insurance

It can seem appealing to go with the lowest cost car insurance in Jacksonville, FL in the form of minimum coverage. However, what is saved on a slightly lowered monthly premium charge can end up being paid 10 times as much out of pocket when an accident occurs. Minimum coverage is often obtained either through a high deductible or a capped coverage amount (the dollar figure the insurance provider will pay out for a given claim total). While it may mean the basic legal requirement of car insurance is met, that doesn’t mean it’s enough for an accident. According to Connect America Insurance Agency, bargain hunters often find low coverage plans appealing but then are surprised when an accident occurs, leaving them directly holding the bag for damages the plan will not cover after a certain amount. And the law makes the party responsible accountable financially, whether he or she has an insurance plan or not. By simply choosing a plan with a bit of higher coverage, many of these shortage surprises can be avoided entirely as the claims then fall within the full amount of a coverage allowed. That’s a huge difference from being stuck with the remainder of a bill and no way to pay it. For those in such situations, bankruptcy and losing everything ends up being the only alternative.

Those in the Jacksonville, FL area don’t need to resort to such drastic decisions. Instead, by working with the expert staff at Connect America Insurance Agency consumers can get access to plans that are both robust and affordable for their budget situations. Don’t take chances with insufficient coverage. Get proper insurance protection and avoid setting yourself up for a future financial mess in litigation and collection.